5" Square Scenes  - These 5" squares show farm, forest & coastal scenes in chocolate. A poured dark chocolate background sets the milk chocolate molded pieces in place.

5" Scenes
By Themes
We now divide our IncrEdible Scenes into themes: Farm, Forest, Nautical and Winter/Holiday.All pieces come with this header attached for easy display.

Chickadee Header
Chickadee Chocolates
For our less coastal stores: Chickadee Chocolates is our same delicious chocolates with a new header.

Cat & Mouse
Farm - Cat & Mouse
Got a barn on the farm? Then you need our chocolate cat with his white (chocolate) mouse friend.

Dairy Cow
Farm - Dairy Cow
Mooooooo - in milk, dark and white chocolate!

Dog & Bone
Farm - Dog & Bone
It's all chocolate but don't forget - chocolate is very dangerous for dogs.

Belted Galloway
Farm - Galloway
Looks like an oreo, tastes like chocolate! We love Belted Galloway cows.

Horse Head
Farm - Horse Head
She's a beauty - and she's allll chocolate.

Log Home
Farm - Log Home
Hansel & Gretel would like this log home, too - allll chocolate!

Horse in Saddle
Farm - Saddled horse
Every farm scenes needs a pony. This equine is all decked out in saddle gear. Chocolate, of course.

Big Moose
Forest - Big Moose
Milk chocolate moose on a bed of dark chocolate.

Forest - Canoe
Gone fishin!

Moose & Tree
Forest - Moose & Tree
A small chocolate moose wanders a chocolate woods.

IncrEdible Header
IncrEdible Header
This header comes on all our 5" square IncrEdible Scenes.

Nautical - Lighthouse
Milk chocolate lighthouse with complete with white (chocolate) light.

Lobster Dinner
Nautical - Lobster
Dinner for one - lobster and clams ... chocolate, of course.

Lobster Boat
Nautical - Lobster Boat
Even more folks would go lobsterin' if their boat was made of chocolate!

Nautical - Loon
A chocolate loon swims a chocolate pond with chocolate fish and frog.

Nautical - Pelican
For our southern friends - a milk chocolate pelican sits on a chocolate piling.

Pilings & Seagull
Nautical - Pilings & Seagull
White chocolate seagull hovers around milk chocolate pilings with milk chocolate fish nearby.

Sail & Lighthouse
Nautical - Sail & Lighthosue
A chocolate sailboat floats by a milk chocolate lighthouse.

Ice Skate
Winter - Ice Skate
Lace up this chocolate skate and get moving.

Snowy Moose & Tree
Winter - Moose & Tree
White chocolate snow covers a pine tree and the ground as a chocolate moose stands by.

Ski boot
Winter - Ski boot
The perfect apres ski treat - a chocolate ski boot.

Winter - Snowman
White chocolate snowman sits in piles of dark chocolate with white chocolate snowflakes around.

Winter - Snowmobile
It's a common winter scene in the northeast- why not make it in chocolate, too?

Santa & Reindeer
Winter Santa & Rudolph
On their way to deliver packages of chocolate!

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